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Free HD Wallpapers of Shinhwa , Kpop Star 2015


In January 2015, Shinhwa announced it would be appearing on Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)'s 800th Inkigayo episode, including the return of Andy from his extended hiatus. This appearance marked the first time Shinhwa was returning to Inkigayo since promotions eight years earlier. The group also announced it would be releasing its 12th full-length album on February 26, 2015, titled We.Upon the release of WE the track Sniper produced by LDN Noise rose to the top of five real-time music charts, Bugs, genie, Olleh Music, Mnet, and Cyworld, and the music video for the single reached over a million YouTube views within two weeks of the song's release. Shinhwa also won the show champion for the song "Sniper" on the 11th March 2015 .

Shinhwa is often hailed as one of the best dance groups in South Korea, winning many dance awards such as M.net/KM music video festival "Best Dance Music Video" and Best Music Video For The Dance Section Awards. Their dances are often filled with heavy choreography, with a few free style moves once in a while (often from Min-woo). They also feature break dancers in the background of many of their performances as well as female dancers dancing with and around them. Shinhwa's own members Min-woo and Jun Jin also break dance and often teach it to their fans. Shinhwa's unique style of dancing is credited to member Min-woo, who is their main choreographer (although they do have another choreographer as well). Min-woo was discovered by an SM Entertainment scout while he was in a dance group, which can explain why he has choreographed some of Shinhwa's most technically challenging dances. Jun Jin, another member who is skilled in dancing as well assists Min-woo. Their dance moves has been describe as "evil," "complicated," and "difficult-to-follow"

Like most popular bands, Shinhwa has change their appearances various times. In their early days, Shinhwa were generally marketed as a typical boy band with cute looks and matching outfits (as seen with their performances and music videos). They later transitioned this "cute" image concept into a darker tone with the release of their second and third albums, bleaching their hair and wearing dark make up. Their outfits also matched their appearances, being either shiny or dark. With the release of their fourth album, Shinhwa would change from the gothic style of before into a much more simple and cleaner look. Their fifth album would change them into a more preppy style. With the style, Shinhwa would began to sport mondern trend clothing and styles. Shinhwa would continue this preppy style into their sixth album, though it was obvious that they were beginning to mature their looks. When they released their seventh album, Shinhwa began to change their appearance once again, wearing black suits and looking significantly more sophisticated than most boy bands at the time. They also stopped with the dyeing hair and heavy make up, as well as leaving their hair shaggy and long. Shinhwa's eighth album continued their sophisticated look, with the group wearing black suits for most of their performances. For their 9th album, Shinhwa's new look was displayed in their MV Run, in which they describe it to be "Mexican Mafia". Shinhwa has adopted a "vampire" concept mixed with an aristocratically Greek-gods look for their 10th album, The Return.

with few people being able to copy their dance moves.

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